Where we're comin' from

My name is Jim Amos (handle: Cranky), I drove the lower 48, Canada, and Mexico for a few years and got a taste of what was out there, the good, bad ,and ugly. Most of my family has been in a truck roamin the country side at one time or another. It's true what they say about driving it aint for everyone, ya either love it or leave it. I had a little help from my brother that fueled my decision to stay on the porch rather than run with the big dogs, but that's something to talk about later. After I got out, I sat around for a while tryin to figure thing out and just what the hell I was gonna do with myself, the decided to take my brothers advice and go back to school - don't believe what people say about ol' dogs, ya can teach'em new tricks.

Well, I finished the schoolin', graduated with honors, and lots of respect from my instructors if for nothin else my pure unbridled tanasity. After graduating with a shiny new Associates of Arts degree in Visual Communications and my rusty ol' Masters degree from "The School of Hard Knocks" I did what every other independent would do - stick it out in the wind and see where she goes.

It was just about here when I met Dave Dietrich (a computer guru). This feller took what I learned in school sprinkled some coffee on it, crushed some smokes in it, and topped it off with a good dose of JD - shook it around a bit and pushed me to the next level. So now I'm a code junky that still has a taste for asphalt and a longing for the smell of sulfur. This my friend was the beginnings of diesel n' dust.

One afternoon sitting around sippin' on a cup of "JO" and smokin' stogies, Dave and I started hashin' out what would become the frame work for diesel n' dust. We want to give the commercial drivers of America a place to tell stories, vent frustrations, play a few games, find truck stops, show off their rides, sooner or later a online chrome shop, and eventualy the ability to find loads so they'll have even more stories to tell.

This website is a work in progeress.

So, from one driver to another - "Thanx for bringin' all i got!!!", and to quote a great song -
"Keep the bugs off ur glass and the bears off ur ___ (tail)"

Taker easy,
Cranky (