Games ( killin time )

Got some time to kill? I would love to tell ya I created all of these games for ur enjoyment but then I'd be lyin' to ya. They're just some free entertainment I found while pokin' around this thing they call the internet. If ya have a favorite internet game not on the list below, gimme a shout and I'll see what i can do about gettin'er on here for ya.


Air Hockey

The goal of this game is to get seven (7) points before your opponent. As with any hockey game ya gotta kick the stuffin' outta the other guy or he's gonna kick it outta you. Here's to the kickin!


A great new twist on one of my favorites. Deploy your ships and start shootin'! this is a great way to get in the mood if ur haulin a load for you know who or just sittin' on Coronado Island waiting to get your load.


Pretty good bowling game, not much of a bowler myself but its still easy enough to kill a few minutes playin this one.

Chinesse Checkers

Jump this over that and so on... and so on. See whatcha' come-up with, you get the idea.

Connect 4

Another classic gone cyber. Get 4 in a row or at a diagonal before the other guy.


Pool Shark huh, give this one a go. Watch that pink one, ya only have so much time to put'em in the pocket

Naval Guns

Their comin' to get ya, put'em in the drink before your swimmin' with the fishes.

The Professionals

Target practice with great sound fx. Point with the mouse, reload with the "shift" key, and change to scope view with the "space bar".

Reel Gold

Kinda like drivin' a truck - send out that hook and try to grab as much of that gold as ya can.

Rail Road

Another one that like drivin'. Lay down enough track to get the choo-choo from one point to another without gettin' derailed.

Rush Hour

Like sittin on the BQE or 405 at rush hour. Clear a path for that little yellow car to get outta the box.

Stone Breaker

This is what I call single player "pong". Be careful not to drop the ball.

Stress Relief Paintball

Tired of those little yellow smilie faces??? Put paint on their faces to get even with them.


I think this was a Nintendo game at first but I don't know. Giv'er a try and see if your "geometrically challenged".

Word Search

This ones for the word mongers out there. I'm not much for these things but i thought ya might enjoy it any way.